23 October 2009

Update from my Blackberry w/ Domo Kun!

So I just discovered that wordpress has an application for blackberrys. I knew that I just had download it. Now it would be easier for me to update since I'm usually on the go anyway. But it is a pain to be typing on this tiny keyboard.
So I just found out that 7-11 is having a new promotion starring Domo-Kun! I've always liked this little guy since 8th grade. So it's sad to see that he's everywhere now. But I still like him! So I ran down to the local 7-11 and purchased several items. I have yet to find the slurpee cups though...

Energy drink, coffee cup and yes! A usb flash drive! :)

Busy, Busy Bee

I know it has been a while since I've last posted. I've been really busy with school and work. Since I'm occupied with school, I don't have time nor do I have the motivation to start on new projects. I have tons of uncompleted articles of clothing from the summer...and now my sewing machine is collecting dust. It's such a sad sight to see.

I'm getting ready to graduate by June of 2010 so I need to work my butt off and get the heck out of college--so I can move on with my life, relax and work for a year, buy a new car, go to graduate school to pursue my Ph.D.

From my last update: SF was super fun! I loved every single moment of it! I also took lots of photos which I'm not sure when I'll ever get to posting due to my busy and somewhat tiring life at the moment.

Wicked was really awesome. I left knowing my money was well spent. :) I was literally obsessed for weeks--and yes I got the whole soundtrack as well. Although I was somewhat disappointed with the King Tut exhibition...I was hoping I'd get to see a mummy. But the artifacts and treasures were absolutely stunning.

I'm tired now and must get back to studying...studying on a Friday night??? Sad....I know. :(