25 March 2010

Hello Kitty Pocket Mirror

Here is another project that I completed within these past couple of days. I made it for my lovely friend, Katherine. I was surprised at how accurate it came out to be. I am seriously considering starting my own online shop of craft goods after I graduate. :)

Enjoy <3

Materials: Felt, hot glue gun, fabric glue

Fierce Tiger Manicure


Anyways, moving on...

So, I decided to be fierce today and do a tiger print nail design, inspired by my nail design guru, Asami. She did a tutorial on this awhile back, but I never had the time do it because of school work and such. So now that I have the time, I was very impressed with how it came out. I've done a zebra print design before but i really like the tiger print because there is so much more color to it than just the bland "black and white".

In order to achieve this look I used two coats of a semi-sheer nude color from Essie's Vanity Fairest and then another two coats of a sheer glitter orange OPI's Goldilocks Rocks! I decided to use two coats of the sheer glitter because it was so thin and figured that another coat wouldn't hurt. For the stripes, I used acrylic paint from Micheal's (So much cheaper compared to the nail design paint from Sally's, I got on sale 2 for $1, but they usually are 59 cents. Plus you get a 2oz bottle, more bang for your buck. I originally got this idea from Asami who uses it to do her nail art. Very creative to use acrylic paint, I would have never thought of it.

I thought that using the glitter orange color would make the design look tacky, but it was the only orange color I had and I didn't want to go out and buy an orange color that I'm gong to rarely use. However, I was really surprised how well it came out. Wasn't as flashy as I thought it would because, because the black stripes helps deviate attention from the glittery base color. Overall, I am very pleased with how it came out. :)

22 March 2010

Hello Kitty Lanyards

This is also another project that I had made awhile ago but also never took the time to post.

I was walking around the "dollar section" of Target and found these adorable hello kitty ribbons for only $1! So I figured they might come in handy someday so I bought them anyway. Then I came up with an idea to use the ribbons and make into something useful like lanyards! I purchased these canvas looking belts from JoAnn's and came up with what you see in the photos below.

Materials used: hello kitty ribbons (any kind of decorative ribbon will do), craft glue (to reinforce), sewing machine, and key rings.

I handed these out to close friends and relatives as little fun gifts.

Enjoy! <3

11 March 2010

Project: Bunny Coin Purse & Cute Stuff

Today was my "official" last day of class before I start hitting the books for finals. I've been anticipating for this day since the first day of the quarter started, but now it seems so surreal. After my last final is when I can officially relax and enjoy my one week of freedom until I'm tied back to the ol' ball and chain of school life. I've been stressed out all quarter with my minimal sleep, nervous breakdowns and excessive studying. I swear, this has been my most hardest and most stressful quarter since I started the college student life. It will only get harder from here but then I'll be done with my undergraduate studies! Finally! :)

Anyways, on the lighter side. I wanted to post a mini project that I completed a while ago, but never took the time to post it. I only have one picture of it as I gave it away as a gift for a friend.

Materials: felt, sewing machine and sewing needle, sew on zippers (I have no idea what they are called but you can buy them at JoAnn's or Walmart), heart key ring, fabric marker to indicate where to sew the eyes and mouth

I got the idea from Arazani Aronzo's Cute Stuff. I swear, this is the cutest step by step craft book I've ever come across. The retail price is $14.99 but you can buy it off Amazon for only $10.17! That's a total savings of $4.78 (21%)! I'm totally advertising for them. In reality, you're not really saving much because you have to consider shipping and handling which is $3.99 so technically you're not saving much anyway. However, I highly recommend this book if you're ever bored and want something cute to make. The down side to this is that you need a sewing machine unless you have the patience to sit there and hand sew everything. It makes me smile whenever I flip through the pages.

06 March 2010

RIP: Apricot

You will always be remembered.

04 March 2010

J-Town + Daikokuya

I swear, I've been eating ramen for three weeks in a row every Sunday. :P

Daikokuya Ramen!