30 December 2009

Christmas--Update!!! :))))))))

Okay, so I also decided to post what I made for Christmas too! Mmm cheeeseeeecakkkeee. :P

Halloween Update!

So I've been pretty lazy...

I finished finals on 12th and have been on break since then. However, I don't feel well rested...I'm SO TIRED!!!!!! I've been helping Kevin move and working the whole week! I haven't been getting sleep either.

I know that Halloween was two months ago but I wanted to post some pictures!

Domo-Kun + Pumpkin = Domokin! (Yeah, lame I know)

Yeah, I know there is a "0" candle but that's the only candle we had. :( Pretty lame...

06 December 2009

Dollhouse fun!

My plans for this blog isn't going where I wanted it to originally go, but that is the least of my concerns now. I'm not trying to neglect it, its just that I have a lot of school work. I'm in finals week right now, so you can guess where I'm devoting my time towards.

I wanted to start on a new project every week, but with my hectic schedule, that isn't going to happen. With the upcoming quarters approaching, it will only get worse.

I'm going to post some completed projects for you to look at (Yes, this update is for you Kat). This dollhouse was made by Susan, Lily, Leslie, Daisy and Tiffany and I during the summer. Haha. Yes, its been that long! It is charity to help raise money for Kermit's missionary trip.

Living room, this was made by Leslie, Daisy and Tiffany.

A close up of the lovely chandelier

The picture is a little blurry, but it wasn't my photo because my camera ran out of batteries unfortunately. :( But I made the vanity mirror. :)

Bathroom, I also made the mirror. :)

A picture of the whole bathroom.

There were more pictures of the bedroom and kitchen, but I don't know where those photos went. :(


Materials used: Random arts and crafts stuff found at Susan's home