24 July 2010

Goodbye LA, for now...

I'm heading to Vegas this weekend! Be back Monday to catch up on all of your lovely posts! :)

20 July 2010

How to make your own Storage Boxes! w/ a small tutorial

I thought that this might be a fun idea to share with all of you. First things first, I am your typical girl with tons of shoes (which includes the boxes) and wrapping paper. Since Ikea has practically become my second home for these past few weeks, their wonderful storage boxes caught my eye. But I just couldn't bring myself to spend such money on an item that I thought was somewhat overpriced for a cardboard box. Since I am a huge advocate of being eco-friendly and recycling, I decided to wrap my old shoe boxes with old wrapping paper to make my own storage boxes. It's not really great but its a fun small project to do when you're bored or want some storage boxes! Its also a great way to reuse resources and save money. Make sure that the boxes you are going to use are ones with the detachable lids (as shown in my photos). They are easier to wrap and more practical than ones with the attached lids.

What you're going to need, depends on how precise you want the size of the wrapping paper to be. If you don't care and prefer to go gung-ho then all you're going to need is a glue stick and scissors. But if you are detailed orientated like myself (basically OCD), you'll need scissors, a ruler, xacto knife, and a glue stick. If you are going to use an xacto knife, make sure you have a self-healing cutting mat (like the one featured in my third photo) so you don't damage any surface area you may be working on. I also recommend using a glue stick (Scotch brand because it its really sticky, but any glue stick will do too) because it will give you a better consistency compared with liquid glue. I know one my photos has liquid glue in it, but don't use it unless you want streaks to show up on your storage boxes.

I apologize for the first few photos as they are really grainy and yellow-tinted. Don't know what happened there. Please tell me what you think! :)





17 July 2010


I absolutely love giveaways! But for some reason I always miss out on them. Check out these fantastic giveaways for your chance to win!!!

10 July 2010

Yea or Nay?

So I've been contemplating whether I should invest in a gorgeous Cambridge Satchel. I saw it on the adorable little Dakota Fanning in the movie Uptown Girls. I like the vintage and unique look it carries. I've got my eye set on brown, yellow or red.

What do you think? Yea or Nay?

03 July 2010

What I've been up to & The Getty Center!

I've been away from blog world for several reasons:
  • haven't been online for awhile
  • not much inspiration lately
  • constantly tired from work
  • been cleaning/organizing my room since my sister moved
  • been working out trying to get back to my previous fitness level since this past school year
  • I've been watching The Tudors which I'm totally addicted to b/c of the drama (for those of you that watch it) and I enjoy history in general :)
But don't worry! After getting inspiration from my muses (blogs that I read) I'm starting to slowly become inspired again. Due to a messy room, that is stopping me from working on projects. :(

My intended plans post-college life are:
  • have fun & enjoy my summer :)
  • finish cleaning/organizing my room so it will 100% Alice :D
  • work for a year: part-time job, TA-ing and doing research for professors back at my university
  • then graduate school, hopefully a Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW and possibly LMSW! :D)
Anyways, on the brighter side, I would like to thank 'Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake who awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award. :) Thank you 'Chelle, you're so sweet! :)

I leave you with pictures from the Getty Center (which is one of my favorite places now) from our 6 years anniversary with Kevin. :)