My name is Alice! I have a bachelors' degree in Psychology and am currently blogging out of Los Angeles, California.

I love nail polish and nail designing-actually anything related to designing, DIY: crafting, altering/reconstructing things, knitting/crocheting, thrift shopping, fashion (especially anything striped!), photography, cute things, archery, fitness-physical well being, and good food but psychology will always be my passion.

I am interested in creativity as the world is our canvas, making the possibilities endless. This is a personal portfolio on thoughts, photos, artwork, projects, food and pure organic randomness. In order "to write well, you have to write what you know" (Drew Barrymore from Never Been Kissed). Established with an intent to freely express myself, to be inspired by others and inspire others in return.

disclaimer: (1) Photos that are not taken by me belong to their rightful owners and are only used for blogging purposes and by no means are my property. (2) As for photos taken by me, they are rightfully mine. (3) If you wish to use any of my photos please do so in a respectful manner giving me credit and not claiming them as your own, that's just plain stealing. Thank you!