29 October 2010

Black Flats Reconstruction (3 in 1)

I've been so lazy!! and for too long! I've been keeping myself busy here and there working on small projects.

Here is a simple and yet fun project using basic black flats. I bought these at a stand from my local Farmers' Market. They were only $10! So I couldn't resist! I never ended up wearing them and began to collect dust in our storage room. I decided a change was needed to make these shoes wearable. As I was walking around Joann, ideas starting coming to mind and I ended up purchasing (2) gold bracelet toggles, a bag of silver end connectors, leather band lace, and a metallic gold lace.

This is the what the Mary Jane flats looked like when I first bought them.

A close up picture.

Black leather band I sewed to the back of the shoe.

This is the final product! So I know I skipped a few steps, I was so into it that I completely forgot to take progress photos. :( But as you can see, I used the gold lace, gold toggles, and silver end connectors to make the ankle wrap.

Here is a close up of the ankle wrap with all the jewelery hardware.

I also found some other fun uses for the ankle wrap!

A bracelet!

There you go! A pair of black flats reconstructed/altered to my liking with 3 uses in 1 product. What do you think? :)

09 October 2010

Totoro Nail Design

Okay, I delayed my update as I promised...this is the laziness I am talking about!

Here is a Totoro manicure I did. Since I love Totoro and nail art, why not combine them? I was thinking of you Asami when I was doing this because I know how much you love Totoro and Nail Art. :)

The mediums I used were Orly's Bon Bon which is a pale gray-ish light purple. It is such a pretty pretty color. I figured this would be a nice color since light gray on nails is too dull for my taste (no offense to any of you who like light gray on nails). I decided to use this shimmery/glittery purple from OPI that I mentioned in my Space Nails post. (I still don't know the name of it. If anyone knows, please tell me! I'd like to know. :) ) The So Easy Stripe Rite paint I got from Sally's Beauty Supply which I used to make the little designs. I also used dotting tools which are not pictured to make of the designs.

Totoro Manisure with Flash

I used the shimmery/glittery OPI polish on my fingers that didn't have designs on it so the whole design wouldn't look dull from the Orly's Bon Bon.

Totoro Manisure without Flash

Tell me what you think! :)

07 October 2010

Time waits for no one...

It has been almost month since I last updated. My how time flies. I've been working a lot. I have so many things to post but I've gotten so lazy....I'm at work right now. But I will be back to update! Just wanted to let all of you know I am still alive! :)