24 June 2010

Post graduate life...

It's hard to believe that my life as a baccalaureate student has finally ended. In the end I am rewarded with a slip of paper showing that I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology. I'm finally done and its over with. I am greatly relieved that I don't have to stress myself out with school work, yet ironically I miss it. However on the bright side, I have so much free time to get started on my projects. Before I left campus after graduation, I also took some amateur photos of our Japanese garden.

Ps. I decided to post pictures of my parents because they were being such good sports about me "decorating" them. :)






Taken without flash & special "flower" setting on camera

Taken with flash on "flower" setting, huge difference huh?

18 June 2010

Red hair!

I apologize for not posting in a long time. I was so busy trying to finish my school work and projects. I am officially done with school for now, but more detail in another post to come.

I took pictures of my red hair but sadly it has faded tremendously into a more of a brown-redish color. :( I tired to get pictures of my hair in different lights, but it pretty much looks the same. I want to dye it again, but I don't want to damage my hair. What do you think?


Sunglasses: Ray Ban

P.S.Thanks again Katrina!