16 April 2011

Charm/Jewlery Case Reconstruction

The perks of cleaning your room every so often is magically finding random things that you “thought” you lost. Before I begin, let me share a little something. Buying watches are one of my many obsessions and you can imagine that over the years of buying them, I've accumulated many watch boxes. I recently rediscovered this box and decided to perform a reconstruction.



Here is a Roxy watch box that I wanted to throw out, but figured that I should put practical use to it instead. Although the process is not photographed, I used black acrylic craft paint. I know it wasn't a wise choice to use because the paint isn't going to hold on well but I didn't want to spend money buying more materials. :)



I found the box quite dull and decided to decorate it. I used the backing of a border sticker (that I was going to throw away) and glued it on to the box.

jewelryboxrecon_6 (1)

jewelryboxrecon_6 (2)

Here is the final product, finished and ready to use!



Please tell me what you think and thanks for looking!