21 April 2010

Lovin' these shoes! + Pugly Pixel + new banner!

I was ecstatic when Katrina released some freebies to her fellow readers. I downloaded them right away and when to work. Let me tell you, they are amazing! I love it how it can brighten up photos! As you can see, I went a little crazy and decided to re-do my banner too. Ah, it looks so much better :)

I used the shipping tags and the tape strips.

p.s. you rock, Katrina! Love, love your freebies! Please visit her website to get your own! :)

I decided to take a picture of these strappy/gladiator sandals I've been constantly wearing. I got these at Nordstrom Rack when I went shopping with Katherine. Gosh they are so cute and are by far the best sandals I've purchased!


Don't forget to visit! :)


Katherine said...

Woohooooo for the sandals! I forgot what they looked like they're pretty cute! I totally need a pedicure before I start wearing sandals again! Ugh.

And I looooove the shipping tags and tape strips! Tooooootally brings me back to our website developer days. I'm gonna download them and play around and see what I come up with! Your new banner looks great, too!

Anonymous said...

i am honored, Alice -- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. :D

Alice said...

Kat: I'm sure your feet are not as bad as you say they are. I love sandals, I'm just waiting for summer to come around. :D I know right?! The shipping tags and tape strips are so fun right? It's like it brings that passion right outta you again! Dude, you should totally play around with them! Lots of fun! Haha, again... I thought my banner was starting to look boring.

Katrina: No, Katrina...thank you for all the wonderful freebies + your wonderful blog! :D

'chelle said...

HOT sandals! Thanks for letting everyone know about puglypixels - Katrina's stuff is so cute!

Alice said...

'Chelle: I love these sandals! :) Yes, Katrina is so awesome!

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