16 April 2011

Charm/Jewlery Case Reconstruction

The perks of cleaning your room every so often is magically finding random things that you “thought” you lost. Before I begin, let me share a little something. Buying watches are one of my many obsessions and you can imagine that over the years of buying them, I've accumulated many watch boxes. I recently rediscovered this box and decided to perform a reconstruction.



Here is a Roxy watch box that I wanted to throw out, but figured that I should put practical use to it instead. Although the process is not photographed, I used black acrylic craft paint. I know it wasn't a wise choice to use because the paint isn't going to hold on well but I didn't want to spend money buying more materials. :)



I found the box quite dull and decided to decorate it. I used the backing of a border sticker (that I was going to throw away) and glued it on to the box.

jewelryboxrecon_6 (1)

jewelryboxrecon_6 (2)

Here is the final product, finished and ready to use!



Please tell me what you think and thanks for looking!


Asami said...

That turned out really great! Way cuter afterwards. I'd put it on my desk. ^_^

*~kAy~* said...

so cute! <3
It matches your folder holder right beside it! :p

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Now it's a totally adorable box!

Camila F.

Danielle said...

You completely rescued it! Looks great.

BeauxsMom said...

it came out so nice wish i was as creative as you

Katherine said...

Snaaaaazy, so crafty Alice.

Beautyshades said...

it looks much nicer now.

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