04 March 2010

J-Town + Daikokuya

I swear, I've been eating ramen for three weeks in a row every Sunday. :P

Daikokuya Ramen!


Asami said...

Mmm... that looks delicious.

Katherine said...

Mmm...! Looks so good. It's so weird, because I like ramen but I'm not overly fanatic about it like a lot of people! Authentic ramen like Daikokuya is something I crave every once in a while... I love Little Tokyo though! A trip to Sushi Gen is needed yo!!!

Alice said...

Asami: Trust it was good x 3! :)

Katherine: I also like ramen but not I'm not nuts about it either! Daikokuya is good but, I think I like shinsengumi better. :X

Yes a trip to Sushi Gen is definitely needed for sure! We are going there next time!

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