08 April 2010

Easter + weekend in San Diego

If you haven't noticed, I added a new banner to my blog. I got these pictures from one of my trips to San Fransisco. I decided to use my pictures from SF, since it is my favorite city after all. Then again, it is currently in the works of reconstruction, nothing too drastic.

I know it has been a while since I've last posted, but I have been busy now that school has started. I'm taking some time to sneak in a post of my fun weekend in San Diego.

<3 Enjoy.

One of thee most awesome restaurants I've been to: HASH HOUSEEEE! <3

Who can resist this giant delicious blueberry pecan pancake? MMMMM

I totally forgot what this was called but it was super good.

Now for the Easter eggs!


Katherine said...

Omgggggg. The food looks soooooo good. Gotta check out this restaurant but I'm assuming it's in San Diego? Man, I honestly wish SD wasn't so dreadfully boring.

Katherine said...

P.S. Like the new banner! I wish I could come up with something for mine but my Photoshop skills are lacking these days!

Alice said...

Kat: OMG IT WAS AMAZINGG! Yes it's in San Diego. You must try if you are ever down there! Yeah, you have to drive around to go to the good places, there is like grass and nothing in between cities. Dude, you should totally make a banner for your page! Using PS again, just brought back so many memories from the "old website" days. I totally forgot how to do everything, so I had to mess around before getting the hang of things.

PinkBow said...

i really like your new header. that pancake is huge and is making me hungry!

Alice said...

Paula: Thank you! :) I loveeee pancakes!

sharonlei said...

Super cute eggs. :)

xx Love & Aloha

avalonne said...

San Francisco is your favorite city? I study here, it's nice, but I still don't know it well enough. I need to go out and explore more and take more photos :) Thanks for following my blog, following yours now! Whoa the pancake looks awesome, even though I don't like pecans, but it still looks yum!

Alice said...

Sharon: Thank you! It was a lot of fun and brought make childhood memories. :)

Avalonne: Yes, I love SF! It's a great city! Please do take more photos! I like your blog, that's why I'm following it! :)

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