25 March 2010

Hello Kitty Pocket Mirror

Here is another project that I completed within these past couple of days. I made it for my lovely friend, Katherine. I was surprised at how accurate it came out to be. I am seriously considering starting my own online shop of craft goods after I graduate. :)

Enjoy <3

Materials: Felt, hot glue gun, fabric glue


Katherine said...

hahaha LOVE my new mirror! it's so sweet! Thanks again!!! <3

priincess said...

that is so CUTEE!

'chelle said...

Hello Kitty turned out great!

Please do consider opening an online shop, I know I'd be a customer ;) I'm itching to do crafts too but there just isn't enough time!

Enjoy your break!!

Alice said...

Kat: You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it. :)

Priincess: Thank you! :)

'Chelle: Thanks! I probably will, not until the summer time though. :( Too busy with school *sad*

PinkBow said...

oh wow, how cute is this!

Alice said...

Paula: Thanks! :)

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