24 June 2010

Post graduate life...

It's hard to believe that my life as a baccalaureate student has finally ended. In the end I am rewarded with a slip of paper showing that I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology. I'm finally done and its over with. I am greatly relieved that I don't have to stress myself out with school work, yet ironically I miss it. However on the bright side, I have so much free time to get started on my projects. Before I left campus after graduation, I also took some amateur photos of our Japanese garden.

Ps. I decided to post pictures of my parents because they were being such good sports about me "decorating" them. :)






Taken without flash & special "flower" setting on camera

Taken with flash on "flower" setting, huge difference huh?


'chelle said...

Oh I know the exact feeling! When you're studying you wish you weren't and when you aren't studying you miss it haha. Grass is always greener!

Awww nice pic of your parents =) You look heaps like your mum!

What sort of projects are you working on atm? Hope to see posts about them soon!

Katherine said...

Woohoo, you're done!! Are you contemplating graduate school now?

And dude, I totally thought that was you before you mentioned it was your mom! She looks so young!

'chelle said...

Hey Alice I got you a blog award =) check it out on my blog http://cosmeticcupcake.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-1st-color-club-polishes-and-i.html

avalonne lou summers said...

Hey congratulations Alice!!! Whoa, that's awesome. I graduate next May, I really can't wait! I love your new banner, I've always wondered how you do that with the photo within the letters! What are your plans now that you're a graduate!!! :) Thanks for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate them. Please contact me when you visit, I'd love to meet and hang out and take lots of photos :) Hope you had a good weekend, keep in touch :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics, I love your garden. Super pretty!

Anonymous said...

high 5 -- huge congratulations, Alice!! so, what's your next adventure?

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