18 June 2010

Red hair!

I apologize for not posting in a long time. I was so busy trying to finish my school work and projects. I am officially done with school for now, but more detail in another post to come.

I took pictures of my red hair but sadly it has faded tremendously into a more of a brown-redish color. :( I tired to get pictures of my hair in different lights, but it pretty much looks the same. I want to dye it again, but I don't want to damage my hair. What do you think?


Sunglasses: Ray Ban

P.S.Thanks again Katrina!


'chelle said...

CONGRATS on finishing school!! Bet you're glad you can relax now!

I like your hair! It looks more violet in some pics I think which is cool.

Katherine said...

Awww I love your red hair!! Yeah, that's the problem with red dye, it tends to fade the quickest! If you want to dye it red again then you should ask your stylist on how to maintain the color as long as possible! I'm assuming like some kind of sealant and perhaps a shampoo specifically for red dye??? Or maybe do a different color!

I'm getting bored with my hair, too. I tried to dye my hair back to its natural color but I only had enough to do the roots since I have long hair so now I look kind of ridiculous! Hahaha. I really should just go to a professional but I'm so lazy!!!

avalonne lou summers said...

Did you do it yourself or get it done at a salon? Dyeing your hair isn't as damaging as bleaching, so I guess another dye job wouldn't be too bad. I used to bleach my hair a lot and dye it, but it got tiring and now I don't bleach my hair anymore. Since then I've cut off 14 inches, so even if it's damaging, just get your hair trimmed and treated properly :)

avalonne lou summers said...

Hehe yes indeed, my bed is from IKEA! The moment I saw it, I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! :) I got this bed in 2008 and it totally reminds me of the bed Zooey Deschanel has in (500) Days of Summer :)

rebecca said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!


avalonne lou summers said...

Yes totally, hit me up when you're in the city, we should meet and have a fun adventure :) Email me!

Alice said...

'Chelle: Thank you! Yea I can totally relax now! :) I was trying to go for the violet/red look too! :)

Kat: Thanks! I bought those dye at home kits and had my sister do it. I'm too cheap to spend the money at a salon to do it. Yea, that's what sucks about having long hair.

Avalonne: It was a at home dye job! lol. Gosh I never gotten my hair professionally colored!I'm too lazy and too cheap. Hehe. Yeah, I totally like that bed from Ikea. I was going to buy it but they ran out of the side beams. They had all the other parts but that. Totally strange. I didn't want to wait so I bought another frame.

For sure I will email you to let you know what's up! :P I wanna go to SF soo baddddd!

Rebecca: Aw thank you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i love red hair, too and for many years, tried many times to get that vibrant RED look. but, as a brunette, i'm afraid that the process rendered a lot of damage on my hair.

i think your red tint is gorgeous, Alice!

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