05 August 2010

Back from Vegas...Part 2

First of all, thanks for all your lovely comments from my pre-vacation post. :)

Second, good news! My camera showed up in Kevin's room. That was a huge relief for me since many of my photos were stored in the camera. I'm one of those people that are too lazy to transfer photos into their computers and will only do so when there is no more storage room.

Anyways, one of the few things I love about Vegas is:
  • A chance to get away from LA
  • Great food - Buffets
  • The Shoppping
I also visited the Pawn shop from History Channel's Pawn Stars. Sadly they weren't there because it was a weekend after all and who would want to work on weekends anyways. However, what was cool was that I was able to see some of the items that were featured in their episodes!

Sadly, I didn't get to take much photos from trip. I only got pictures of dessert, YES--DESSERT! from the M Resort's Studio B Buffet. It was so good! I cannot help myself when it comes to dessert, even though I'm lactose intolerant! and Yes, I tried every one of those. I was a happy fatty that night!





Katherine said...

I loooooove the M Resort! It is so beautiful! The food there is super delish and their pool is so great!

Winnie's Wardrobe said...

mm yummy deserts! :) its a shame there isnt anymore vegas photos! <3
glad you had a good time!

xx Winnie

p.s thank you, the converses are my driving shoes :)

Anonymous said...

Dessert pics are the best!!! Everything looks so yummy!

'chelle said...

OMG they look delicious!!! My mouth is watering just looking at your pics *drool*

Sounds like you had a great time =)

ABIGAIL NY said...

great pictures!
very lovely!


Trish said...

omg i love dessert....& any kind of food, i love vegas for it's incredible buffets! cant find anything like it here in LA!

Persis Shah said...

yuummmmall those delish images are making me hungry now! i think i'll gain 5 pounds just oggling at them now!


☁ christine ☂ said...

finally! hehe

i heardddd the M buffet is really good! i must try it next time! yum!

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