14 August 2010

Moccasins with a personal twist!

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but with good reason! I have been keeping myself busy with another project!

I was browsing around Michael's one day and came across a DIY: Moccasins kit. I thought it would be something fun to keep myself busy with. It was about $15.99, but since I had a coupon it only cost me about $10 dollars or so with tax.


This is what the kit came with:


When completed:


Upon completion, I felt that the final project lacked serious character and wanted to do something more. After browsing through much online tutorials and YouTube videos, I came across Katie's Darlingtonia Moccasins. This was just the inspiration I needed. Although love her Moccasins very much and would LOVE to purchase one, I don't have the financial means to do so as of now. But I will be purchasing a pair in the near future.

I drove back to Michael's again in hopes of searching for something that would give my Moccasins what it needed and I found this:


Who would have known that leather jewelery would go a long way!


I added some embellishments so it wouldn't look so plain. These beads were sitting in my arts and crafts bin for a long time and figured it would be the perfect opportunity to use them.


A side view of the Moccasins.


As you can see, the stringing on the left Moccasin is different from the right because I ran out of string and didn't want to go buy more if I only need such a small amount. Kevin suggested that I put a charm on the back of only one shoe to make it unique and I do say that it looks good.


So here you have it, a completed Moccasins project. I hope this will inspire you to go out and make your own or to purchase one from Katie because her Moccasins rock!


*Side Note*: I also wanted to mention that these Moccasins kit didn't have soles on the bottom of the shoes, so I went to a local shoe repair store and had one slapped on.


Winnie's Wardrobe said...

lol this is amazing! im going to have to buy a pair :] btw, is there alot of forever21 stores in LA? And what is the weather like?

xx Winnie

Katherine said...

Wow! I've always seen those at Michaels but never attempted because I never knew if they were comfortable or not! So what's the verdict?! Looks like fun though!

Vicki said...

what a cool kit!! love the finished article!! :) x

Persis Shah said...

wow...this is such a cool DIY...awesome shoes!

Anonymous said...

Cool idea! I'd love to make my own moccasins!

Indie.Tea said...

O, that's so cute! I really like the finished product too.

Trish said...

aw these are cute!! i wish theyd look good on me! i feel like whenever i would try moccasins on, theyd look funny on my feet =(

CC said...

It's an adorable idea but I am far too lazy to try anything like that. ;)

☁ christine ☂ said...

AWESOME diy! it came out really cute! i like the fact that you got soles fro them. perfect for fall! although it's been SCORCHING hot. hope it cools down soon.
i meant to ask you, what part of LA are you from? :)

Alice said...

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments and feedback!

shopgirl said...

Hey - it's not bad at all. Cool Kit and great job!

Rambles with Reese

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm so glad I found your blog about these moccasins! I've first seen them on this girls YouTube channel. Then I actually seen them at the craft store Michaels but kept debating whether or not i should get them due to the bottom sole that was not including. But I ended up getting them after doing research and found your blog. Thank you for the tip Alice! Plus for putting your own twist to it! I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for mine(: Btw, what was your estimate price for your soles? Thanks again<3

Alice said...

Reese: Thanks for your sweet comment!

Jasmine: Wow, I am very flattered by your sweet words. I'm glad that my post was able to help you with your own moccasin project. My soles cost around $25, very pricey I know. But I think you should go around and ask different shoe repair places to see how much they charge. I also used www.yelp.com to look for highly rated shoe repair places. Feel free to email me if you need anymore help. Also if you want, I would love to see pictures of your final product. :)

*~kAy~* said...

That kit was quite disappointing then -__-
You made it look tons better!!!

S. said...

Those are SO cute !
It looks so cool after you're done with them ! :)
Xx. S

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