09 September 2010

Totoro Eyeglasses Case Reconstruction

Here is a fun and simple project that only took me a matter of hours to make. You can use any old soft eyeglasses case you have laying around. Doesn't have to look exactly like what I made, but since I love Totoro from Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro (for those of you that don't know)and the eyeglasses case is gray, I thought, "Hey! Why not?".

I first started out with a blueprint/doodle in my notebook. You don't have to do this, but I just like to draw out/plan out first.

Here is a close-up of the little Totoros I drew for fun. :)

This is what the case looked like before. I used an Express eyeglasses case my sister gave me when she use to work there. If you look closely at it, it has Express plastered all over it which is huge turn off. But the overall satisfaction of the final product outweighs it. :)

This is the final product. I used green felt to make the leaf, some old buttons for the eyes and black threading for the nose & whiskers.

A close-up picture. :)

You can use this pouch to store anything to your heart's content. I personally would not use this to store glasses because the case is too soft and could easily get crushed. I like to store my mp3 player and cell phone for easy access and so it won't get scratched.

I hope that this will inspire you to make your own fun & cute decorative eyeglasses case. What do you think about it?


Asami said...

Sooooo cute!

shopgirl said...

Very cool idea Alice! I love it inspiring arts and craft projects!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is great too!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Rambles with Reese

ARA said...

that`s so cute and inventive.xx


Angela said...

holy crap that's so random and adorable.
crafty and a makeup lover--you're a girl after my own heart :P

Katherine said...

You know what, I've actually heard of Totoro even though I've never seen it! This is pretty cute though! I wish I had a cool phone to even store it in some kind of case!

christine ♪♫ said...

Hi Alice!
This is pretty darn cute, I love Totoro! ^^
Your design journal is nice too, it came out just as how you drew it :).

I've been to the Alantic Times Square, I go to the gym there! I live pretttty close to it. Have you visited it yet? Most of the stores aren't open yet.

Have you been to Half & Half Tea house across the street? It's my favorite! We should definitely do a blogger meet up one day, I think it will be fun :). Let me know when will work for you.

Winnie's Wardrobe said...

Hey! yeah my holiday was pretty much amazing thanks<3..i love l.a and america-i just want to live there!

cute post btw, Totoro's one of my favourite films of all time! xxx

Miles Of Style said...

awww this is sooo cute! i love it and i think i shall try my hand at making something like this soon too...lovely diy sweetie!

gracey said...

so cuuuuttee! :) i love totoro!

Danny Collins said...

It's nice that a simple eyeglass pouch can be transformed into something that looks good as this! And it will be nicer if you made another one that's more colorful and artistic or anything that will fit your personality. ;P

Karina Chiodo said...

Ohhh! This project's very thrifty! You made this by yourself, right? Why not make another one that's a bit more creative and unique? My mother used to do this to her old eyeglasses too. However, her glasses are too old and damaged, so I hope she would replace them soon.

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