26 August 2010

Space Nails/ Madness!/ Angry Paint Splattered Painting

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After reading Asami's Space Nails manicure, I made an attempt to re-create her masterpiece.

chanel's blue stain

Since I don't have any black nail polish, I used Chanel's Blue Satin (which is the darkest nail polish I own). It is an extremely sexy color with shine and glitter.

Chanel Blue Satin close-up

I also took a close-up picture just to show what the color really looks like. I know this isn't really a great photo, but this will do.

space nails

So I didn't realize how much polish had gotten on my cuticles! Sorry for the dirtiness! I used an OPI glittery/shimmery purple color for the first layer. I'm not sure what the color is called because it was from one of those sample packs that I got as a gift. But it is a really pretty color. Then I used Nina Ultra Pro in Electric Rainbow and Molten Opal. I used all 3 of these colors to help create the spaciness. I didn't use any nail embellishments because I don't have any that resemble stars so I just left it as it is. But I might purchase some later on in the week just to reach the maximum effect.

space nails

Here is the final product! Although it does not look as good as Asami's, I had fun trying to attempt it! I'm calling it Space Nails/ Madness!/Angry Paint Splattered Painting because (1) it looks like madness (2)sorta looks like space and (3) reminds me of an angry paint splattered painting.

What do you think?


Asami said...

I think this looks really cool! I love the dark blue base too. I actually recorded a video tutorial for the space look today, but it's not edited or uploaded yet. Thanks so much for the link love! I'm really glad you tried this. I love the look of the holo purple over the blue.

Katherine said...

Omg these nails are out of this world!!! :D

Trish said...

i wanted to do this to my nails too coz i follow asami too ahha!! awesome! i think it looks really neat, reminds me of like galaxies coz of the purples

'chelle said...

I love your take on space nails! It's very spacey indeed =) Love the Blue Satin btw!

Alice said...

Asami: It's my pleasure to give you link love! After all your my muse! hehe.

Kat: Haha, I like that, "out of this world" :)

Trish: AhhH! A fellow Asami follower too! :) You should definitely try it! It was fun!

Michelle: Aw thanks, for some reason. They don't look spacey to me. I think it's probably because I'm too critical on myself. :(

Miles Of Style said...

ur nails look uber awesome sweetie! love ur blue nail polish too!


Anonymous said...

I love the name you came up with! So creative! :)

ARA said...

It looks amazing.xx


☁ christine ☂ said...

Aliceeeee hi! : )

you did such a good job with your nails, it really does look spacy! I want to try it one day., and hope they cone out half as cute as yours.
Omg are you crazy?! Your nails are so clean, your cuticles are clean!

Ps... I live in alhambra lol. We're neighbors!!! My boyfriend lives in Rosemead! It's soooo nice to meet a local blogger!!!!! ^^£
Time/. 830 am

avalonne lou summers said...

I love painting my nails. Rarely will you ever see unpainted nails... oh so bad for the nails. But yeah I love both colors. If you want black, try Black Lingerie by Revlon! I wish I could afford Chanel or OPI nail polish... eh... someday. Yay for pretty nails!!!

Grace said...

I thought you did a pretty good job! I tried out Asami's tutorial on space nails as well not too long ago! Check it out if you'd like :)


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