29 October 2010

Black Flats Reconstruction (3 in 1)

I've been so lazy!! and for too long! I've been keeping myself busy here and there working on small projects.

Here is a simple and yet fun project using basic black flats. I bought these at a stand from my local Farmers' Market. They were only $10! So I couldn't resist! I never ended up wearing them and began to collect dust in our storage room. I decided a change was needed to make these shoes wearable. As I was walking around Joann, ideas starting coming to mind and I ended up purchasing (2) gold bracelet toggles, a bag of silver end connectors, leather band lace, and a metallic gold lace.

This is the what the Mary Jane flats looked like when I first bought them.

A close up picture.

Black leather band I sewed to the back of the shoe.

This is the final product! So I know I skipped a few steps, I was so into it that I completely forgot to take progress photos. :( But as you can see, I used the gold lace, gold toggles, and silver end connectors to make the ankle wrap.

Here is a close up of the ankle wrap with all the jewelery hardware.

I also found some other fun uses for the ankle wrap!

A bracelet!

There you go! A pair of black flats reconstructed/altered to my liking with 3 uses in 1 product. What do you think? :)


Katherine said...

Ohhh you and your ankle straps! They look good with the gold straps though! And what a steal at $10!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG so cute this shoes!

gold and black it's a great combination, doesn't it?

thanks for you visit in my blog. you're welcome and back ever! hahahaha

St├ęphanie said...

Nice !

Kym said...

dannngg girl, you are one creative lady! hehe! i love how you transformed a potentially boring pair of flats to something more fun! :) love it!

Camila F. said...

That's awesome! It turned out pretty good, I love it!

Camila F.

*~kAy~* said...

Such a neat idea! <3 You're so so creative! :)
Is it comfortable still? :3

Miles Of Style said...

oooh those shoes look so much more pretty now...i must say you did a very neat job and they look like they were bought straight from the store with those gold tie ups! beautiful diy sweets!

*~kAy~* said...

Thanks, Alice :3
You're so sweet :)
Yeah I was a bit bummed I didn't win but you really made me feel much better about it :3 thanks!!! <3

Vicky said...

Umm ... that's genius!

Lauren said...

Cutest ever!

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