20 November 2010

Hello Kitty Manicure

I've been away from the computer for awhile. Since I have email access on my mobile device, I seldom use the computer now. :(

Here is a Hello Kitty manicure I did, although she is not my favorite Sanrio character. She is nonetheless a beloved icon.

Hello Kitty Nail Art!

I know it looks a bit excessive, but this was done at the spur of the moment. Since I use to work for Sanrio, I figured such a gawdy look would be appropriate for a Hello Kitty manicure (pink, purple and glitter/sparkles-I kinda thought about shiny stickers). I didn't use red because it is a traditional Hello Kitty color and I wanted to do something different.

The purple I used was from Color Club's Wild at Heart . The glitter polish was used from OPI's Burlesque Collection; I used Show it & Glow it! and Sparkle-icious. The pink was nail art paint I bought from Sally's Beauty Supply, used for the stripes and bows. The black and white paint I used for the Hello Kitty face was acrylic craft paint.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a photo of the other hand before I took the nail design off. It was less excessive, more plain and much nicer. I had to go to a wedding so I figured it wouldn't be appropriate to wear to a wedding.

Tell me what you think! :)


Samantha said...

I think it is quite cute! I love glitter nails and though I am not a big fan of Hello Kitty, those nails are quite awesome :D

Trish said...

ohhhh thats so cute! i had purple toe nails with hello kitty on it as well, purple ftw!

Katherine said...

I needs some HK on my nailsssss!

After all these years I'm still pretty peeved Sanrio never hired me too. I don't think I was cheery enough.

Ingrid said...

Giiirl! i'm back!
hhahahaha so pretty your HK..and this purple is great too!
i've been thinking..can i link your blog on my blog?

Oh..soon I'll put some pictures of their nailpolish..i'm kinda busy with my studies so as long as I use them i'll post. i think its better..hahahaha


*~kAy~* said...

I think hello kitty is so cute :3 Your nails look so adorable! :P
I really like your glittery nail polish :3
Is that chococat in the background? :p

St├ęphanie said...

Adorable !

*~kAy~* said...

heehee chococat is so adorable :P my friend gave me chococat note paper that smelled like chocolate! :P

*~kAy~* said...

Hi Alice! :)
How's it going? :3

I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you :3


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