24 March 2011

Quilted Black Wallet Reconstruction

I fell out of the blogging world again! I'll spare you the excuses this time and get straight to point. I've been on a recon roll lately and with March as National Craft Month, it is just the muse I need.

I found this lifeless black quilted shoulder bag sitting in my sister's donation pile she left behind, unused and collecting dust. Although I LOVE quilted purses (reminds me of those Chanel handbags I could never afford), I personally find this purse impractical. Since I'm not a big fan of pull string type bags, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to put good use to it. I immediately grabbed my scissors, started cutting and threading away.

Black Wallet Reconstruction_1

Black Wallet Reconstruction_2

Black Wallet Reconstruction_3

Black Wallet Reconstruction_4

I'm not the type to always plan things out when I work on projects as I like to improvise and “go with the flow”. However, I knew I had a sense of what I was going to construct using this black purse. The rule I gave myself was to only use the purse pieces.

Black Wallet Reconstruction_5

After intense hours of cutting, measuring, and sewing, this was the end result. I know what you're thinking, I sacrificed a shoulder bag for a puny wallet?! I like to think of it as putting something into good use, I saved that bag its misery! :)

Black Wallet Reconstruction_6

Black Wallet Reconstruction_7

Black Wallet Reconstruction_8


Katherine said...

Nooooot too bad yo! I mean, the proportions look weird when it's stuffed but it's pretty good for a first attempt (this is the first attempt right?). Good job!

Trish said...

oh cutee, would be cool to like make a clutch out of it if the material was big enough too & since there were string thinggies haha XP

Anonymous said...

So cute! I think it looks great!

Camila F.

*~kAy~* said...

nice! at least its actually being used now :)
I certainly did not expect the transformation to be so drastic! :3
looks cute :3

☁ christine ☂ said...

o___0 wow you're so skilled alice!

Alice said...

Kat: Lol! Yep, first attempt! Yeah, I know the proportions do look weird! But hey, first timers are always like that!

Trish: Yeah! I wanted to make a clutch! But then there just was't enough material. :(

Camila: Aw, thanks! :)

Kay: Haha!Yes, at least it is being used! :) Thanks!

Christine: Aw, thanks. Its really nothing though. It didn't come out as nice as I wanted it to.

Anonymous said...

♥love your blog♥

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