02 August 2009

A gift any Mother would love

Alright, I know that mother's day was awhile back. But this very project is the reason why I wanted to start this blog so I thought this would be worth sharing. I was thinking of a perfect mother's day present I could give to all the mothers. Flowers would be the most typical gift. However, I am personally against buying flowers as gifts. Even though they are absolutely beautiful, they die within a week or so. So I didn't want to waste my money going that route. Then I thought it would be neat to buy seeds and a flower pot so they could grow their own flowers! But, what are the odds of them actually doing it? So then I thought, "Hey why not give them flowers that they do not have to water and or maintain!". Those decorative flowers in the stores were way too tacky. So I came up with the idea of origami flower pots as gifts! So this is what I ended up with...

Materials: origami paper, construction paper, floral tape and wire, ceramic pots, styrofoam, decorative rocks (to cover the foam), hot glue gun (to glue the rocks in place), ribbons and charms.

These items can be purchased at almost any arts and crafts store.


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