25 February 2010

Valentines' Day Inspired Manicure

This is manicure I did for Valentines' day. I know the integrity of the manicure is bit worn out as I had been wearing them for a week before I took this photo. It is something simple and not too complicated.

I used a swatch from OPI's Hong Kong collection, Meet Me on the Star Ferry. It is a purple shimmer, absolutely stunning. Not to mention my favorite as well! I applied two layers on to the tips for optimum color. Then I applied another two coats from Essie's Cool Lots. It is an extremely sheer peach nude color.

I usually free hand the designs on my nails but I was feeling quite lazy that day. Since my sister is into scrap booking, I took one of her heart shaped paper stampers and punched out a small heart. The paper I used was somewhat thick and sturdy so I applied some water to soften it. While my nails were still wet from the Cool Lots coat, I applied the heart punch out. As it dried, I applied top coat and especially on the thumb to reinforce the heart.

Thanks to my muse, Asami for inspiring this design! :)


Asami said...

A heart-shaped paper punch! That is such a cool idea! Wow, very awesome. I will have to take a peek at Michael's and see what shapes they have. I love how your manicure turned out and thank you so much for the link. I'm glad you're on Blogger now because it's so much easier for me to subscribe to you. :)

Katherine Dinh said...

Hahah damn Alice, you have so much patience! I could never do that. Sometimes I paint my nails but I have the worst tendency to bite them... Ugh! But after I saw your post I went and cut my nails. Hahaha.

Alice said...

Asami: I'm totally thinking what other things I can do with my sister's paper punchers. :P I actually wished that I could have taken a picture when I first completed them. They look all washed out. :( I'm really liking blogger! So convenient! I had no idea that blogger also did partnerships with other companies.

Kat: Haha, yeah it does take a lot of patience. I'm staring to grow weary now. :P I've been so occupied with school and all that I have to rush through my manicures. Eh, oh well that's life. I also have a tendency to bite my nails when I'm stressed *which is most of the time* so that's why I paint them. It helps for me. Yeah, that length is long for me. I normally can't have them that long but for french tips, they have to be somewhat long.

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