22 January 2011

Purple and Pink Manicure

I have been super lazy when it comes to my blog. I've been working on a lot of mini projects to relieve some of the stress from work and my research projects. I guess you can say that it helps me from going crazy and pulling out my hair. :)

I'm at 48 posts since I've started this blog. I'm thinking about doing a giving away when I reach 100 posts or MAYBE 50 if I'm motivated to, so stayed tune! :D

This is a quick and simple manicure I did because I was feeling lazy. :) I used my new polishes I kindly received from 'Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake from our Swap!

Purple & Pink Manicure!

Purple & Pink Manicure!
  • Purple: Ulta3's Pearly Grape (which is the perfect color I've been searching for!)
  • Pink Glitter: Ozotic Pro's 601. There isn't a color name for it, so I assume that they label their colors by numbers because the red gliter of Ozotic Pro I also received from 'Chelle is also labeled by a number. This polish is a somewhat concentrated glitter polish so it wasn't as clear as I through it would be but it is nonetheless a beautiful color!
It was nice to try another brand of polish that I wouldn't be able to purchase here in the states. But thanks once again, 'Chelle because if it wasn't for you, this post would have never existed. :)

What do you think?


*~kAy~* said...

simple put still pretty! :P I really love the pink glitter color especially! :P Love how its so opaque! <3

hee.. its cute that you and your boyfriend do the nose strips together! :P I haven't tried the ones from target yet. I might just try them and see how they compare :P

Trish said...

i wish i have time to paint my nails o_O butttt seeing that i use my hands a lot when baking in school, it will be chipped on its 2nd day haha!!! & yes im from los angeles =]

Miles Of Style said...

so pretty! i love the glittery polish and it teams up real well with the glitzy purple in the rest of your beautiful fingers!

'chelle said...

Wonderful combination Alice!! t looks great on you. The pink and purple go so well together =) I'm so glad you like Pearly Grape hehe. Yeah the Ozotic Pros unfortunately don't have names just the silly numbers!

601 is supposed to be a holo but it has more of a scattered effect. I wish it was more holo!

Beauty shades said...

I really like the pink glitter nail polish very pretty

Anonymous said...

Such pretty colors! Loving your cute sparkly nails!

Camila F.

Alice said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! They keep this blog up and running! ;D

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