08 January 2011

Swap! with 'Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake

I was able to do a nail polish swap with the lovely 'Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake. I had a pleasure getting to know her through our love for nail polish and blogging. She is such a sweet gal with so much talent in nail art. I was really fortunate to be able to do a swap with her because I knew she was already doing so many other swaps with fellow bloggers. So, Thanks to 'Chelle for swapping with me! I really appreciate it! :)

Here are all the goodies she sent me! I was so excited to receive so many Aussie polishes that I'm not able to purchase in the States here.

I've actually been wanting to try Ulta3 ever since I saw it featured on 'Chelle's blog. She sent me purple colors, one of my favorites!

I was also able to receive wonderful selection of greens and glitters!

I was so excited when she sent me a bottle of BYS cracked polish because I've been wanting to try it ever since I saw her post about it! Now I have a bottle of my own. :)

She also sent me a wonderful selection of yummy candies and cute nail stickers!

Although I wasn't able to make a comment on each bottle of polish featured here, just know I love them all! Such wonderful colors which are now part of my nail polish collection. :)

Thank you so much 'Chelle for your wonderful package and for swapping with me! It was a lot of fun.


*~kAy~* said...

Hi Alice! :3 Happy New Year!!!
Nice swap! :P Such awesome stuff you got! :P
I really want to see how the cracked nail polish works :P

Anonymous said...

wooow lucky you(: what a fun idea(:

-hey there(: i just happened to stumble across your blog and i'm so so glad i did! you have some fun stuff and interesting posts(:

im sure i'll be back again!



'chelle said...

Thank you for your sweet words Alice =) thank YOU for swapping with me! I know you're super busy too. I'm so glad you like the polishes! It was such a pleasure choosing what to get you. I realise now that I mainly sent you purples and greens oops! I should have mixed the colours up more x)

I look forward to seeing your manis with the polishes! A tip for the crack polish, you get the best results when you apply it as your base colour is just drying.

I hope to see more blog posts from you this year too as I always enjoy reading your posts =D Thank you for all your support over the last year too!

Katherine said...

Sooo awesome!

Trish said...

ahhh awesome goodies! i have crackle, it was the white one, bought it when CVS was still "sav-on" haha!! it was too long ago!! im sure it exists somewhere around here in Cali if i've gotten it before O_O!

Anonymous said...

Oh, swapping is always so much fun! I love to do it, maybe we can think of something in the future!

Camila F.

Miles Of Style said...

what lovely lacquers! i can't wait to see how u use them to do some nail art now! have fun sweetie and do post some pics here!

Anonymous said...

Thank u for your comment in my blog..ur words were so cute..thanks a lot.

congrats for your swap..you got great colors of nails polishes and i'll wait your pics using this colors!

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