11 February 2011

Swift Cheetah Manicure Tutorial

I have a simple nail design tutorial for you today! My apologies, I have been busy for the past few weeks. The weekends are the days I really get to rest and believe me, I do rest and get lazy!

Swift Cheetah Manicure

I did this manicure a while ago, but never got the chance to post it up. I love having animal prints on my nails.The pros are that it is completely vegan and there is no hurting of animals involved! Yeah, I know I'm a nerd. :) I also did a fierce tiger nail design sometime last year if you want some more ideas for animal print manicures.

Swift Cheetah Manicure
Step 1:
First start with a base color. I used Elf's Pearl, which is a shimmery white that almost looks silver. In my opinion, it is not a great color to use by itself, but great for nail designs.

Swift Cheetah Manicure
Step 2:
Add some random dots which will serve as the Cheetah's spots. I used Rimmel's 521 Dazzle ( I think that is the name). It is a gold glitter, which I also use primarily for nail designing as I find the color too overwhelming.

Swift Cheetah Manicure
Step 3:
Then add another set of random dots (about 3 as shown in the picture) around the gold dots. I used a black striping paint. You can also use black polish, but use it sparingly as you don't want too much polish on the brush when you're dotting. Just remember that these dots do not have to be perfect circles as we want to achieve an organic look.

Swift Cheetah Manicure
Step 4:
This is the completed look after all the dots have been applied.

Feel free to play around with a color scheme. I just chose to use gold and black to achieve a realistic Cheetah look. Was the tutorial easy to follow? Please tell me what you think. :)

*Special shout out to Kat. I love the color combo of polishes you put together! Let me know when you're back in town and I'll "Hello Kitty" those nails for you! :) *


'chelle said...

This looks fantastic Alice! It's so cute with this colour combo. I haven't done any animal prints myself so thanks for the great tutorial!

Beauty shades said...

Adorable nail design :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's too cute to be true! Love it!

Camila F.

Anonymous said...

Alice my giirl..ahahah I looved this one!
I have a post with "leopard nails" too. did u see it?

Oh and I watched The Tudors, so amazing.. do u have some guy to tell me? Give me the name..and I put him in the category.


Trish said...

wahhhhh how do you get it to look like that?! omg i suck at doing this haha paint my nails for meee pretty pleaseee!!! i'll make you bread in exchange! LOL!!

rosemead/san gabriel?! wah! thats super near!! thats actually where my culinary school is located at! (san gabriel blvd) & just today (or well yesterday since its almost 3 am now) i drove by there coz i went out to eat at ajisen, also had half & half tea house LOL!

char said...

this is a great tutorial, makes it look so easy!

△▾christine▴▽ said...

you have to do my nails next time! :D

Asami said...

I love this! Handpainted animal prints are always SO much nicer than Konad, I can always tell when something was just stamped or it if looks beautifully unique and each spot is different, like this. :-)

(Regarding your comment to me about metallic polishes; is that because they dry too fast or is it the streakiness? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.)

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